Texas Donks Vote Against Limited Spending

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43 Democrats Vote Against Limiting Spending
and Giving Money Back to the Taxpayers of Texas

Austin – Today, the Republican Party of Texas released official documentation which shows forty-three of the most liberal Democrats in the Texas House Representatives voted against passing the “calendar rule” which is passed every legislative session prior to the budget being debated on the house floor. This rule disallows any new spending initiatives outside the proposed budget as passed out of the House Appropriations committee without cutting a program somewhere else.

“Yet again ‘Do Nothing’ Jim Dunnam and his shrinking band of liberal pranksters have attempted to hijack the legislative process for their liberal agenda.  Conservatives prevailed and Jim Dunnam failed and that is a victory for all Texas taxpayers,” said Hans Klingler, Spokesman for the Texas GOP.

By a overwhelming majority, the Texas House of Representatives passed the calendar rule on the house budget bill, House Bill 1.  Sometimes called the “dollar in/dollar out” rule this bill precludes new spending without cutting the budget somewhere to pay for it.  It has been passed by every legislature over the last twenty-two years.

“We must control spending and make cutting taxes our number one priority.  This rule makes it harder for liberals like ‘Do Nothing’ Jim Dunnam to come up with more spending ideas instead of giving money back to the taxpayers of this state,” Klingler went on to say.

House Bill 1 will now make its way to the floor of the Texas House in the coming days where it will be debated for final passage.

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