Putting Citizens Ahead of Politics

May 24, 2006 at 3:20 pm (christianity, conservative, politics, religion)

Eric Roach, candidate for the 50th District from California for the US House, pledges that he will not accept any campaign money from PAC's, leadership funds, or any gifts, money or junkets from lobbyists.  He believes that the House should restore the American People's faith in Government.

"I support a strong military. I will not sell out our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen to the cut and run crowd. I consider our Military a protected class, and we treat them as such."

"Our borders must be strengthened to protect ourselves and our national security against terrorist and economic threats.  Illegal immigration damages the economic progress and efforts of millions who followed the rules to come here legally."

"Every new law is a restriction on our liberties and should  be considered only after serious thought and careful deliberation.  I believe that government serves us best when it is smaller and less costly."

Eric Roach, Conservative for Congress.


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